Take the Stress Out of Your Job Search

You will probably change jobs 8-15 times during your career. Have you learned techniques to manage an efficient and successful job search? Looking for a job isn't fun; it is stressful when you're on your own.

My structured approach will lead to more job leads, more interviews and more confidence.

Career Coach

Tricia Dolkas


With over 20 years as a corporate recruiter, I know how companies recruit.  I have worked with people at all stages of their career and see how my insider knowledge can benefit their job search.

My own career started in the middle of a recession. Even with two degrees from Stanford University, looking for my first job was hard work! I didn't have a professional network and felt awkward and tongue-tied in interviews. Finally with an offer, I didn't try to negotiate because I didn't know how.

Over the years friends and family have asked me to coach them during their own job search. They had struggled at all phases of a job search: from developing a network to negotiating an offer. They had never learned the fundamental skills needed during a job search. My knowledge as a corporate recruiter made their job search more effective.  My coaching gave them practical skills resulting in easier and more effective job searches.

My services are tailored to your specific needs. You will learn the skills needed for every transition during your professional life.  The job search process will be less stressful.

I am your search partner.


Learn Job Search Techniques To Last Your Career