Which Portal Has More Jobs Postings?

I did a test to determine which job portal had the best results for full-time employee positions.  I compared Google, LinkedIn and Indeed. I found significantly more job postings on LinkedIn. And I am not surprised. Why? Because most corporations use LinkedIn’s product “LinkedIn Recruiter” to post job listings and search for candidates.  It is very popular with recruiters and they tend to rely on it exclusively.   Quick disclaimer: I am not an employee of LinkedIn or Microsoft.

Lessons Learned:

  • LinkedIn has the best results. However you can’t exclude 3rd parties from your search criteria.
  • Google and Indeed have positions that LinkedIn didn’t have.
  • Maximum listings may equate to maximum competition.
  • Use niche job portals specific to your career goals. For example, Idealist for nonprofits, Teach.org for teachers or Craiglist and VentureLoop for startups.
  • Set up email alerts. Proactively getting an email with the new job postings fitting your search criteria is great!


Results from each site:

Job Portal:

Position: Sales Rep* Position: Software Engineer Position: Technical Recruiter
# of listed positions # of listed positions

# of listed positions


697 1330 130


211 535


Google Jobs 147 148



*included similar titles: sales representative, sales rep and sales associate

Caveat: Results will change over time.


Three positions:  Sales Representative, Software Engineer and Recruiter. All within 5 miles of Palo Alto. No Contract. No 3rd parties.

Best User Interface:

Indeed has the best user interface, hands down.  It is the only site where all the criteria could be used to narrow the results. With this granularity, I had a precise search. Nice!

Best Results:

I define “best results” as the highest quantity of job openings that fit the search criteria. Google doesn’t give you a result total so it is hard to know if they are the best. I had to scroll and count through the listings.  Sigh… Google, you can do better!

3rd party job postings – I got too many 3rd party job postings. Even where I could eliminate those results from the search – Indeed and Google. Maybe companies didn’t self-identify themselves as 3rd parties. Garbage in, garbage out!