Business News to Turbocharge Your Job Search

Importance of Reading Business News

Read Business News to Boost Your Career

Hot off the press! The latest set of news reports to turbocharge your career change or job search…

Positive corporate news is a clue of future hiring. Companies can’t grow significantly without hiring people. And often, the news breaks BEFORE a job posting. So jump on these news reports, activate your network, and get your resume in front of a hiring manager BEFORE a job opening is advertised.


Where are the Bay Area Tech Workers Going?

Bloomberg reports that Austin is the top beneficiary of tech-related migration in the past year. By analyzing LinkedIn profiles, Austin increased 217 tech workers per 10,000 existing Austin techies from May 2020 – April 2021. Nashville, TN, and Charlotte, NC also saw strong increases. Conversely, the SF Bay Area, Boston, and Chicago were the top losers.

Eldercare Startup Growth:

Crunchbase – So far in 2021, venture capitalists have invested over $500Million into eldercare and home healthcare startups. With aging boomers, this industry sector is a growth opportunity. See the Crunchbase article for companies that received funding.

Where are Top VCs putting their early-stage investments?

Pitchbook – OK, this is BIG news. Early-stage investments are at FIVE years high, totaling $5.5B globally. And the amount of money invested in each company is increasing. The industry sectors receiving the most money are Biotech, Fintech, Decentralized Finance, Health/Wellness Tech, and E-Commerce. Check out the link for more details.

156 USA Companies scored $30M+ in funding since May 1st (No Joke!):

VC funding over the last 4 weeks totaled $15 BILLION! That is an average of $3.75 billion per week. The companies are across the USA in a variety of industries. I recommend looking at private companies with good funding for career opportunities. These companies (assuming good management) can be more stable than public companies, where short-term stock market changes can derail growth or product plans. If you are in a job search and want a copy of the list, send me a note.


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