Job Search Tips during COVID

Job Search Support During COVID

Support During COVID

Unreal how quickly reality has changed. My head is still spinning. Job hunting with today’s uncertainty is incredibly hard… No one has a clear road-map. Would like to share thoughts and ideas garnered from my 20 yrs of recruiting and hiring in the hope that these suggestions will lighten the load.

Look Long-Term:

Ask more experienced people in your life about their experiences of layoffs and recessions. Practice resilience, patience and self-compassion. Invest in daily self-care routines. Take one day at a time and celebrate incremental progress.

Be Practical:

A job close to career aspirations at an OK company is better than no job. There is a shift to more temporary / contract positions. Learn how staffing agencies work. Act quickly on new job postings. Consider freelance work. Use good project management methods to keep track of the incremental effort and results.

Which Industries More Likely to Hiring?

I don’t have a crystal ball, but do think more hiring is likely with Genomic Equipment Manufacturers, Large Pharma, EdTech, Digital Health, Logistics/Supply Chain, IT Connectivity/ Networks, Online Business SaaS Software, Government Agencies, Data Analytics and Start-ups with recent, large (>$30M) Venture Capital funding.  More about Target Search Strategies here:

Be Creative:

If financially feasible, look at alternatives to a paid job: volunteering or educational programs that increase job skills.

Build Deeper Professional Relationships:

With people working from home and more time flexibility, there are new ways to network/build relationships with adults / professionals.  IMO, networking is one of the hardest skills to master and sustain.  Now it is a critical skill. Before COVID, 50-60% openings were filled through an introduction. That % has increased significantly.

Pick Up the Phone:

A phone conversation includes more accurate emotional nuances and information that can result in deeper relationships. Also, phone calls are more spontaneous and faster than a video call.

Don’t Wait for an Interview Before Preparing:

In my work, many clients tell me that preparing for interviews made a big positive impact on their job search. Use your time NOW to prepare for typical behavioral interview questions.

How Can I Help?

If anyone you know needs support in implementing these ideas, please reach out to discuss options.