Top Job Search Tip for the Holidays….

Start Job Search Now

Start Your Search in December!

Most people think that the holidays are a bad time to start a job search. Not true! Now is the best time to update your resume and start a job search!  Don’t wait for January. Here’s why.

Reason #1: Companies have completed their 2021 project plans, budgets and headcount planning.  Department leaders know NOW how many people they will hire next year.

Reason #2: Department leaders together with Talent Acquisition are busy writing job descriptions and defining interview plans. Details of their hiring plan are top of mind.

Reason #3: Department leaders prefer “front-loading” their hiring in the 1st quarter of the year. For example, if a Sales Director has approval to hire 10 people in 2021, she wants all those people on board and trained by end of March. Getting her team hired early in the year makes it easier to reach revenue goals.


So start NOW to update and refresh your resume, activate your network, research companies and prepare for interviews. These activities take time and all need to be finished before you apply to a job.

And, guess what! As you tell people in your network about your planned career move, you will hear about the unpublished hiring plans at their companies. BINGO! You just hit the JACK POT! Your resume could be in a hiring manager or recruiter’s inbox BEFORE the job is posted on job boards. Companies prefer hiring candidates from employee referrals over hiring an unknown applicant. You now have a significantly better chance at landing an interview.

What could be a better present for your holidays?!

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