Client Testimonials

Effective and Supportive


Tricia is an amazingly effective and supportive career coach. After just one session, my college grad daughter was confident and motivated about her job search.

I’m convinced that she started her career more quickly and easily thanks to Tricia’s expertise. Tricia’s insider corporate knowledge taught my daughter how a job search really works and how to focus on companies relevant to her interests.

As a parent I received a monthly update that included weekly results.

She took a lot of stress off all our shoulders and got results. I highly recommend Tricia!

Leslie M.
Tufts University Parent

Incredible Career Coach


Tricia is an incredible career coach and professional development mentor.

She quickly improved my interviewing skills and helped me to secure my dream internship.

Tricia provides constructive feedback, is very knowledgeable about the recruiting process, and is responsive and flexible.

Her guidance and continuous support throughout the entire job seeking process ensure success and an enjoyable experience.

Adriana T-M.
University of Michigan Student

Uniquely Qualified


College graduates are often not aware of how to start their careers. Tricia is uniquely qualified to explain the hiring process and to guide job seekers.

Tricia worked with my recent college graduate helping her improve her resume, build her professional network and prepare for interviews.

My daughter and Tricia worked together to develop successful strategies to make contacts at companies of interest. I could see my daughter’s confidence and competence grow.

I am very thankful for Tricia’s assistance and wholeheartedly recommend her.

Gerald R.
UC Santa Barbara Parent

Wealth of Knowledge


Just as my daughter was experiencing very high anxiety about obtaining an engineering summer internship, I learned about Tricia’s program for students looking for internships. We spoke about the fact that most of our college-age kids have not had a deep learning/coaching of how to successfully navigate this very competitive process and how parent’s knowledge dates from years ago with a very different business environment. This discussion can be challenging with young adult/parent dynamics!

Tricia’s flexibility to meet in-person and remotely was critical to us since we live in Michigan, which enabled us to leverage our family trip to CA for 3 of our daughter’s appointments.

The results are precious. Three focused weeks after we started, my daughter thanked me and said she now feels confident. Less than 3 weeks later she had two offers, including her top choice company! Tricia’s college student internship services are well-worth the additional investment to make the most of your overall college investment.

Barb M.
University of Michigan Parent

Measurable Goals


A month into my job search after college, I was feeling lost and overwhelmed, so I called Tricia. It was the best decision I could have made.

After our first meeting, I went from feeling hopeless to feeling confident and motivated in my ability to find a job. Tricia worked with me to set achievable and measurable weekly goals for my job search that turned it from a daunting task to a manageable one.

Her coaching helped me compose emails, prepare for interviews, negotiate a salary and analyze benefits packages. Tricia’s guidance made my job search much more efficient and thorough.

Thanks to her help, I secured my top-choice job. I thoroughly recommend working with her.

Lisa M.
Tufts University Graduate

Life-Long Skills


My son used Kickstart Career to develop skills in finding an internship.  It was an excellent, in-depth and results oriented service.

Tricia Dolkas did a superb, thorough and comprehensive job educating my son to 1) Develop his network; 2) Create and follow through on search strategies; 3) Interview preparation; and 4) Offer negotiation.

The results speak for themselves as he not only obtained an excellent internship that was a perfect fit for his aptitude and career aspirations; but, just as importantly, my son has developed lifelong skills in identifying and pursuing career opportunities.

For career counseling and job search, it doesn’t get better than Tricia Dolkas and Kickstart Career!

Eileen M.
USC Parent

She Was Right!


I asked Tricia for help in my job search. I was a recent college grad working at a property management office.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue on that route or explore other options.

She set up appointments with experienced realtors/property managers so I could get their perspective on that career.

I realized real estate wasn’t the right fit. Then Tricia reviewed my resume.

Her advice was to consider event planning based on my skills, extracurricular activities and previous work.

I hadn’t made that connection. And it turns out she was right!

Rachel D.
UC Santa Cruz Graduate

Got My Son Organized


Tricia was helpful in creating a job search plan to get my son organized and take effective steps to towards securing his job and starting his career out of college.

Before Tricia started to work with him, it is overwhelming and having her guidance was very helpful.

I also appreciated the status calls Tricia had with me to keep me up to date with the progress.

Lisa S.
Georgetown University Parent