Three Advantages of Searching for Jobs in December

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3 Reasons to Start Job Search Now

Most people prefer waiting until January to look for a job. Instead, I highly recommend you start in December. Here is why now is an excellent time to look for a job!

Reason #1:

Companies have completed their 2024 project plans, budgets, and headcount planning.  Department leaders NOW know their hiring targets and the types of roles they need to fill for the next year.

Reason #2:

Department leaders and Talent Acquisition are busy writing job descriptions and defining interview plans. Details of their hiring plan are top of mind.

Reason #3:

Department leaders prefer “front-loading” their hiring in the 1st quarter of the year. For example, if a Sales Director is approved to hire ten people in 2024, they want them on board and trained by the end of March. Getting their team on board early in the year makes it easier to reach revenue goals.

Your Action Plan:

Start NOW to refresh your resume, activate your network, research companies, plan informational interviews, and start to prepare for interviews. These activities take time and are best to finish before you apply for a job.

And guess what! As you tell people in your network about your planned career move, you will hear about the unpublished hiring plans at their companies. BINGO! You just hit the JACKPOT! The manager or recruiter has your resume BEFORE posting the job. Companies prefer hiring candidates from employee referrals over hiring an unknown applicant. You now have a significantly better chance of landing an interview.

What could be a better present for your holidays?