How To Plan for Virtual Interviews and Career Fairs

Best Practices for Video Career Fairs

I spent August and September speaking with university career centers and employers about how they are changing their programs for early talent recruiting.  My goal was to identify details not widely known that impact students /graduates in their job search. Then to offer advice on how to change your job search so you have a…

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Two Ways To Improve Your Job Search

Job Leads from Business News

Discovering opportunities outside of job boards is not always straightforward. It takes a curious mind to uncover opportunities.  Here are a couple of suggestions. First technique is to read the business news  to learn macro-level changes that hint at job opportunities.  Dig into those leads to uncover jobs.  Another technique is to be curious about…

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Job Search Tips during COVID

Job Search Support During COVID

Unreal how quickly reality has changed. My head is still spinning. Job hunting with today’s uncertainty is incredibly hard… No one has a clear road-map. Would like to share thoughts and ideas garnered from my 20 yrs of recruiting and hiring in the hope that these suggestions will lighten the load. Look Long-Term: Ask more…

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