Job Search Tips – Do This Today:

Reframing Rejection

Turn Rejection into Redirection

Rarely do people enjoy looking for a job. Now in this time of unprecedented change, unpredictability and stress, dental surgery is more welcome than a job search.  And to all of you who are unexpectedly unemployed, I KNOW the feeling. I have been laid-off three times in my career. Feeling scared while selling myself in interviews without giving off any hint of desperation was a horrible experience. Know that you are not alone.

The purpose of this blog is to share TWO actions to do TODAY that will help your job search.


Half-Steps Are Good:

Use your professional skills as a part-time volunteer. Recruiters and hiring manager will count your time volunteering as real work if you are using your trained career skills.

Opportunities across the world are available to you. For example VolunteerMatch has over 1 MILLION virtual opportunities listed. Organizations are looking for people with a wide range of skills in music, tutoring, data analysis, art, finance, marketing, social media, language translation, network administration….. the list is HUGE.


Consider Tangential Roles in Sales:

In recessions, companies will prioritize sales positions. Yes, the starting salaries are low. And yes, sales may not be something you want to do long term. But if you have ever partnered with sales people, then experience in sales will strengthen your career as you broaden your organizational experience. Or you may find the change opens doors to a new exciting career.

Here are a few examples: 1) Waiter/Waitress selling wine for a winery; 2) Event Planner selling video conference software; 3) Financial Analyst selling data analytics software; or 4) HR Business Partner selling HR outsourcing services.


“Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear.” Norman Vincent Peale


This is a powerful quote. During my job searches, I kept it taped on the corner of my computer where these wise words were my constant partner.

Here is my offer: I will be your partner in your search. Like today’s blog, in the future I will share ideas frequently – actions you can take to gain traction and improve the results of your job search.

Email me with your questions and requests for future topics.


Tricia Dolkas
Career Coach and Founder, KickStart Career, former Recruiter
Stanford Alumna and student-athlete