Why is Autumn the Best Season for Career and Job Searches?

Job Search Tips

September and October are the best months to transition to a new company and career opportunity. Why? Companies are focused and motivated to hire as quickly as possible, and this focus will probably result in faster interviews and hiring decisions. The company’s motivation could result in less work for you during a search, and you…

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Career Transition Tip – How to Work with Recruiting Agencies

Agency Recruiter and Candidate

Companies recruit with internal recruiters or with an external recruiting agency. Sometimes companies use both methods at the same time. As a recruiter, I started at a recruiting agency and then later moved to be an internal corporate recruiter. Understanding how a company works with an external recruiting agency is crucial for candidates. Why Companies…

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Why Recruiters Don’t Want Your Job Application

Job Search

Looking for a new job? Then you are probably scouring job postings and applying to as many jobs as you can find. Then anxiously waiting for an email from a recruiter for an interview. As days turn into weeks without an email, you become discouraged, frustrated and angry.   As a former recruiter, I want…

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Happy 2021! Welcome to a Better Job Market

Start Job Search in 2021

Encouraging News Hooray! 2020 is over and 2021 is looking better for finding and changing job. Here are the signs and how to use this information in your job search. Microsoft is forecasting a 5X increase in “technology-oriented” jobs by 2025. From 41 million in 2020 to 190 million in 2025. They are also launching…

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Top Job Search Tip for the Holidays….

Start Job Search Now!

Start Your Search in December! Most people think that the holidays are a bad time to start a job search. Not true! Now is the best time to update your resume and start a job search!  Don’t wait for January. Here’s why. Reason #1: Companies have completed their 2021 project plans, budgets and headcount planning. …

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How To Plan for Virtual Interviews and Career Fairs

Best Practices for Video Career Fairs

I spent August and September speaking with university career centers and employers about how they are changing their programs for early talent recruiting.  My goal was to identify details not widely known that impact students /graduates in their job search. Then to offer advice on how to change your job search so you have a…

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Job Search Tips – Do This Today:

Improving Job Search

Rarely do people enjoy looking for a job. Now in this time of unprecedented change, unpredictability and stress, dental surgery is more welcome than a job search.  And to all of you who are unexpectedly unemployed, I KNOW the feeling. I have been laid-off three times in my career. Feeling scared while selling myself in…

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Power of Tenacity in a Job Search. How #BLM Inspires.

Tenacity in a Job Search

There is hope in the air.  Every day brings news of mostly peaceful demonstrations with people taking action to change race relations in this country.  And the protests are starting to show small results…. a) Confederate symbols dismantled; b) Walmart ending the practice of locking up African-American cosmetics behind the counter; c) Quaker Oats retiring…

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Two Ways To Improve Your Job Search

Job Leads from Business News

Discovering opportunities outside of job boards is not always straightforward. It takes a curious mind to uncover opportunities.  Here are a couple of suggestions. First technique is to read the business news  to learn macro-level changes that hint at job opportunities.  Dig into those leads to uncover jobs.  Another technique is to be curious about…

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Job Search Tips during COVID

Job Search Support During COVID

Unreal how quickly reality has changed. My head is still spinning. Job hunting with today’s uncertainty is incredibly hard… No one has a clear road-map. Would like to share thoughts and ideas garnered from my 20 yrs of recruiting and hiring in the hope that these suggestions will lighten the load. Look Long-Term: Ask more…

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